As followers of Jesus Christ, it is the desires of our hearts to please Him in all that we say and do. May God be honored and glorified by the way we serve Him, through our service to others.

Our History:

·       For ten years (1997 to 2007), I (John) worked with a company named Professional EDGE.  For all ten of those years, Professional EDGE was ranked one of the top 10 GoldMine Partners in the country, by the makers of GoldMine.  For many of those years Professional EDGE was ranked #1.

·       During my tenure at Professional EDGE, I was their senior most experienced GoldMine consultant, working with many hundreds of clients on many hundreds of projects.

·       In April 2007, Professional EDGE suddenly announced their upcoming closure, the very next month. Due to Professional EDGE closing their doors, my wife, Karin, and I decided to start For Him Consulting, a General Partnership that is truly “family owned and operated”, consisting of:

   o   John Neighbors – Partner / Consultant / Service Provider

   o   Karin Neighbors – Partner / Treasurer

·       Upon Professional EDGE closing their doors, 100% of the active, current clients I had been working with agreed to simply shift over and continue working with For Him Consulting.

 ·       In July, 2013, Karin and I, along with our two daughters, moved to Honduras. Our three grown sons all stayed in Texas. We continued to perform all of our For Him Consulting responsibilities, just doing so remotely.

 ·       The move to Honduras was precipitated by our Christian faith and our feeling like God was calling our family there to do missions/ministry work.  Therefore, we chose to be obedient to the call, while still striving to maintain For Him Consulting, full speed ahead.

 ·       While living and serving in Honduras, our family fostered and then adopted a Honduran orphan boy. His life is an amazing story full of God’s blessings and provision. If you care to know more, simply ask one of us. We love to praise God with our son’s amazing story.

 ·       It took over five years to get our son adopted and almost a year to acquire the necessary VISA to enter the United States. However, in March 2020, our family moved back to Texas.

 ·       Since physical geography matters little in this day of remote access technologies, For Him Consulting has clients from coast to coast. Because of this reality, practically all of our services are performed remotely, over the Internet.

Our Name:

We are often asked about our rather peculiar company name, For Him Consulting.  The simple explanation is this:

·       We are a strong, Christian family that wholeheartedly knows that God is in control of all things, including our small business.

·       Whenever Professional EDGE closed their doors and we started For Him Consulting rather abruptly and without a lot of forethought and planning, we felt strongly about striving to honor God with all that we do in our business.  When deciding on a company name, we composed a list of several dozen names of interest, and then simply had a discussion and “vote” around the dinner table with our family of seven (we had five children at the time…we now have six).  For Him Consulting won the family vote. 🙂

·       The HIM is quite simply our reference to God, our creator and sole sustainer. We wish to always acknowledge that all that we say and do is “For Him”.