NOTE:  The following outline is purely one example of a typical GoldMine / HubSpot integration.  Each implementation of such actually ends up being tweaked and customized precisely to the customer’s preferences.

· HubSpot/GoldMine “update” is scheduled to run every 5 minutes.  The time interval can be set however often or seldom desired.

· Processes any HubSpot Prospect records that have been added or updated since the last run of the update. (Matches are initially based on email address, for new records, and THEN based on unique HubSpot ID thereafter.)

· If the HubSpot Prospect record is already in GoldMine, it’s HubSpot related data is updated with any applicable changes.

· If the HubSpot Prospect record is NOT already in GoldMine, it is added to GoldMine as a new prospect, a Sales Rep is assigned (based on pre-determined criteria), and an immediate alarm is scheduled for the Sales Rep, notifying them of the new HubSpot prospect.

· If it can readily be determined when a HubSpot prospect becomes a true customer (e.g. due to existing integration between GoldMine and the accounting system), then the record will be automatically updated in HubSpot, having their status changed from Prospect to Contact. 

· Further, within GoldMine, there is a HubSpot GM+View that has been setup which allows immediate viewing of the HubSpot public link within GoldMine using GoldMine’s GM+View and/or GM+Browser feature.

· The client chooses what HubSpot data they want truly “pulled into” GoldMine vs. what they simply want viewable from within GoldMine (but only residing in HubSpot).

For the most part, the expectation is that ANY data WITHIN HubSpot can be pulled into GoldMine, as needed/desired.  We’ve got the baseline coding already developed and ready for setup and use.  The complexity with each new setup/integration will depend on the extent of different forms, etc. that any given client may have. 

HubSpot form data shows up via the API in varying forms.  There is always a bit of a learning process involved, fleshing out form names, field names, etc., with each different client integration. 

If you’re interested in pursuing GoldMine/Hubspot integration fill out the contact form HERE.